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Small Haematite Fan Necklace
Price: 14.99
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Newcastle on Tyne

Friday, January 30, 2015

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Pryite Necklace Pryite Necklace
Simple necklace with a subtle shine, a very wearable antique colour. Pyrite helps you to look inward and recognise .... More...

Howlite - 3 small Howlite - 3 small
Howlite is said to help calm unreasonable anger, either your own or that directed at you. Carrying a piece around .... More...

Green Moss Agate Green Moss Agate
A stabalising stone strong connected to nature. Refreshes the soul end enables you to see the beauty in all you .... More...

Green Calcite Green Calcite
Helps to let go of constraining emotions. Helps transform ideas into action. Promotes spiritual progress. Approx weight 130gms. Approx size .... More...

Red Jasper Red Jasper
As with all jaspers, this is called the "supreme nurturer". RED Jasper grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations, bringing problems .... More...

Haematite & Howlite Necklace Haematite & Howlite Necklace
Lovely necklace that catches the light. Haematite is grounding and protecting, while Howlite is the stone of calmness, comfort, .... More...

Carnelian Carnelian
Carnelian grounds,anchors and stabalises the emotions. It restores vitality and motivation, promoting positivity and success. .... More...

Onyx, Rose Quartz & White Jade Bracelet Onyx, Rose Quartz & White Jade Bracelet
Rose quartz for love of self and others,Chinese Jade for wisdom, and Onyx for strength and support .... More...

Chrysoprase Chrysoprase
Can help induce a deep medatitive state. Promotes love, truth and hope. Energises the heart and sacral chakras. .... More...

Haematite and Red Crystal Necklace Haematite and Red Crystal Necklace
Haematite is very grounding and protecting. A "stone for the mind", it stimulates concentration and focus. It dissolves negativity and .... More...

Rose Quartz & Silver plated ball Stretch Bracelet with Heart Pendant Rose Quartz & Silver plated ball Stretch Bracelet with Heart Pendant
Rose quartz 8mm faceted stretch bracelet to fit 7.5", with silver plated 4mm spacers and silver plated heart pendant. For .... More...

Golden Tigers Eye Golden Tigers Eye
Provides mental focus and confidence. It helps you face and overcome difficult challenges and stick to your plans, despite discouraging .... More...

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