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Small Haematite Fan Necklace
Price: 14.99
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Newcastle on Tyne

Friday, March 06, 2015

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Chrysoprase Chrysoprase
Can help induce a deep medatitive state. Promotes love, truth and hope. Energises the heart and sacral chakras. .... More...

Morganite Morganite
Attracts love into your life maintaining it and making it grow. It encourages you to have loving thoughts and actions, .... More...

Orange Calcite - LARGE Orange Calcite - LARGE
The Happiness stone. Can help heal sorrow and grief, and ease tension. Helps one feel joy, and at peace with .... More...

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
For unconditional love and peace. Purifies and opens the heart. For inner healing, trust and harmony, releasing heartache and pain. .... More...

Mangano Calcite Mangano Calcite
A stone of forgiveness, releasing fear and grief that keeps the heart trapped in the past, bringing acceptance. .... More...

Kyanite Blade (Blue) Large Kyanite Blade (Blue) Large
Excellent for attunement and meditation - Kyanite has a very high vibration. Help you to connect to your Spirit Guides. .... More...

Gold Haematite, Onyx &  Quartz Necklace Gold Haematite, Onyx & Quartz Necklace
Elegant and timeless. Haematite for grounding, onyx for strength and support, and champagne quartz to balance all chakras. .... More...

Rutilated Quartz/Tourmalated Quartz Rutilated Quartz/Tourmalated Quartz
This double powered stone holds the combined forces of Quartz Crystal and Tourmaline and can aid in adjusting imbalances throughout .... More...

Citrine Small ( pack of 3) Citrine Small ( pack of 3)
A cleanser and regenerator. Known as the prosperity stone - if kept in your purse or wallet it should never .... More...

Natural Citrine Point Natural Citrine Point
Cleanser and regenerator. Dispels Negative energy. Stone of abundance and prosperity. .... More...

Green Flourite Stretch Bracelet Green Flourite Stretch Bracelet
13mm x 18mm Green Flourite gems in this 7.5" stretch bracelet, with 4mm silver plated spacers. A highly protective .... More...

Red Jasper Red Jasper
As with all jaspers, this is called the "supreme nurturer". RED Jasper grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations, bringing problems .... More...

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